art works

inner space

"Inner space" is a project about searching synthesis and simplicity of space as well as my art language where less means more.

pencil on paper / 50 sketchbook , 21 huge formats


short stories about being an artist

A "Short stories about being an artist" is about my Master Degree project. At that time of my life  I had many questions about the direction I wanted to take. I asked myself: what makes an artist and what does it mean? It's a multilayer set of prints/drawings  about an artist in general. About a creative way, art/thought  process, loneliness, dreams  and life in utopia as a part of artistic way.

Mixed media: lithography print , linoleum print, monotype print, drawing  on paper/ 110 artworks

Various sizes



Continuation of my previous project . As an artist I'm searching for my identity  so  the character  of  my story takes a shape of ellipsis. At the beginning, being uncertain , shy and tender helped me discover my own femininity.

Mixed media: acrylic paint, ink drawing on canvas / 26 art works



my heart is in my vagina

A Vagina  is not just a symbol of  being a part of a female body.  A vagina is a centre of woman's being, her creativity, wisdom and energy.

Mixed media: collage, pen, ink on paper / 60 art works



on the way

The word  "way" means both : the road and a method. Maybe there is a method to follow your own  road and don't  get confused  by others judgemental  glance? "On the way" is about: let's look inside ourselves and do what we feel and what is right. It's about choices, no matter what other people say.

Mixed media: acrylic painting, collage on canvas / 15 art works

Various sizes


sold dreams

Femininity is not just a women's body but also wisdom and creativity. Unexpectedly something went wrong. We live in the time where the media  dictates  naked , perfect, exciting and erotic bodies. Naively  following dreams from advertisement with the hope all of them coming true, giving us a false impression of feeling happy.

Mixed media: collage, drawing on paper / 60 art works

Various sizes



It's mostly about the female world but in general its all about what  I see, think and what  I feel  when I look around me.

Mixed media: collage, drawing on paper / 30 art works ( all the time in progress)

Various sizes


lost memories

What is memory, memories, remembrance, reminiscence?  "Lost memories" is a set of drawings, very privet memories and contemplation about  time, past  and the  huge influence it has on our  consciousness, outlook and identity.

Mixed media: ink, pen drawing on photo print paper / 50 art works

Works on negative films in progress.

Various sizes


forgotten language

Mouth symbolizes the soul, heart, creativity, love and sexuality...But the mouth participates in all poles of spectrum and also have a role in one of the most sophisticated  aspects of human life, the precision of language. "Forgotten language"  is a reflection about condition of human language/conversation in the media world, where real language and true communication are  substitute by virtual speech.

12 acrylic paint, collage  on canvas / diameter 20cm

10 acrylic paint, collage on canvas/ diameter 60cm

26 "A-Z" ink drawing on paper/ diameter 20cm


lets talk about soul

The brain. A symbol of our centre. The centre of our bodies. Our connection with every single cell, vein and nerve. But what about the soul? It leaves me questioning. Searching. Where is it? Does the soul exist? (Do we have a soul)

Acrylic, watercolour on canvas

90cm x 90cm


internal war

Life, dreams, plans… Happiness means fight. It doesn’t grow just like a flower. In order to be happy, we have to fight, fail and get up over and over again. Real and true happiness lies in our decisions we make, fights we fight and wars we win.

Acrylic painting on canvas

50cm x 50cm